Pry Playlist


Lincolnshire Posy: Movement 2, Horkstow Grange


This beautiful orchestral piece compares well with the imagery being produced in Pry. The combination of the powerful brass instruments with the delicate, fine wind instruments detail how Pry enchants and paints the picture for you with the various interactive elements in the story, similar to how you feel enchanted by clarinets playing stale notes at 1:06, the entire band playing at a fortissimo, or even when the French horns begin the song. The traumatic flashbacks from the demolition can be represented by the sudden crescendos and the powerful attack by the trumpets backed by the rest of the orchestra at 2:10. The trumpet solo at 1:30 and the reintroduction of the orchestra at 1:50 also represent and visualize the emotional pain James undergoes throughout the story.

Amparito Roca

The unveiling of the entire story can be represented by this piece in the sense of the unexpected way events unravel and the escalation of the song finds a connection with the sudden change of circumstances for James. The varying tempos and dynamics also aid in the process of making every moment in Pry unpredictable. The variety of percussion (symbols, bass drum, snare drum, timpani, chimes) in this song is equivalent to the layers of content that Pry Applies to dictionary to forge a compelling story.


Lean On


To focus on one part of Pry, the braille text is a feature of the story that I do not enjoy. I find it irritating and useless, but by having the braille, oddly enough, it reveals the frustrations that James experiences. I find many elements of the song irritating, such as the trap (production) elements, the bass drop, and the grating, meaningless vocals. When the terrible elements come together though, it only creates a fascinating story, which is the exact effect the braille has on Pry.