Just a Rock or Just a Hero?

To some, the Siwash Rock is simply just a rock. To others, the Siwash Rock is a beautiful feature of our diverse ecosystem. To those of the Squamish people who are indigenous to British Columbia, the rock symbolizes a deep connection to the land and all their traditions and values.

The image of a soldier comes to mind when I personally think of one who sacrifices for those he loves.  Just like how the chief becomes a rock to immortalize their essence to the land, the soldier is also immortalized by having soldier memorials that honour their service.

The chief deviates from regular people during his passing. To live a clean fatherhood to purify himself for his family whilst standing in the face of adversity, he becomes a person who is imbued with these traits of being brave and loyal. He becomes of hero.

There are levels of love. There is the love you show for one another. That could be considered common courtesy. There is the love where you find your first crush. That’s puppy love. Then there is sacrificing yourself for others. That is undoubtedly true love when one can place a higher value on their loved ones other themselves.

We associate the Siwash Rock to the young chief, because he is deserving of such a distinction. All of us seek to find the same kind of love in our lives. The feeling of having that true love in our lives is similar to that of having being on top of a gigantic mountain. We become unstoppable.

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