It is quite interesting how one’s life can be filled with joy and then suddenly emptied and then torn apart ruthlessly. One could say being obsessive simply sets you up for failure. The theme of obsession seems to cover Nicci French’s “Your Place or Mine” throughout the entire story. The dialogue seems so one-sided at first. Laurence seemed to be trying much harder to talk to her. The dialogue begins to progress when both begin to find themselves in the same situation of trying to impress each other. The dialogue begins to flip on its side and  the unfortunate events that are to follow seem to be from a place of loneliness and insecurity. One can tell which character ends up sliding into the realm of insane.

By knowing exactly what each character was thinking, the novel seemed to be easier to comprehend. By having the columnar format, it captivates the reader and it becomes enjoyable to read. Details of the story become easier to find with the spaces preventing any mind wandering. The spaces between the character’s texts also maintain the distance between them. There is never a moment where they are on same page in terms of affection. The dialogue reveals this with clarity. In the beginning, Terry did not seem to put as much effort into this developing relationship while Laurence went out of his way to learn more about her. The relationship eventually develops to a point where Terry becomes emotional just by his presence and Laurence becomes hesitant.

One could say this particular relationship is a fictional construct of modern relationships on a smaller scale. Terry and Laurence always seem to be the antithesis of each other.

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