Expressing one’s care and affection for another person can be difficult. There is uncertainty on precisely what do say or do, but when we want to give off an impression to our loved ones that we love them, we show it. There is simply no excuse to why the father was not elated over reuniting with his son. Regardless of their lackluster conversation, the father’s concern over picking a fight with every waiter rather than trying to reconnect with his son speaks volumes to what kind of a parent he is. Perhaps drinking with your son is not the best idea. It is a possibility that picking fights with the waiters could provide second hand embarrassment to the son, but what is certain is that he chose not to reach out to his son. He did not do his very best to reconnect with him. The unfortunate reality is that he did not want to see his son. Surely a loving father would do his very best for his child. To care for him like he would care for himself. To love them unconditionally with an overbearing concern for them. As all the events unfolded as they did and when the son came to the realization that his farther was no longer his upstanding role model, they became the results of the father’s apathy and disregard for his son. One could say the only thing that was reunited was the combination of his son’s sense of reality and his son’s idealistic image of his father. Come to think of it, this reunion ironically created a separation in their relationship. I believe this is not a big concern to the father anyway. He would have gone out of his way to see his son.

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