This is the post I will be referring to: “Reunion” by John Cheever.” Google Docs. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Jan. 2017. <!&gt;.

This short story is simply about a father trying his very best to rekindle his relationship with his child, yet so much ambiguity lays in between the words of this story. Their reunion would be plagued with a series of events that would surround the child with second hand embarrassment and the lost respect for someone they looked up to. It is difficult for the father to realize that the child thought “his father was a stranger” (1). The father the child once idolized was became his “flesh and blood, his future, and his doom” (1). Looking further into the ancient past of their relationship, perhaps there could be reasons why the child became less and less enthusiastic to see his father after all these years.

The father did not seem as ecstatic to see the child. It had been three years ago since they last met and his protruding lack of enthusiasm reveals his regard for his child. His desire to get drunk over his desire to reconnect with his child seemingly became clear to the child that their relationship meant nothing. That the relationship was not worth a photograph. It was n



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